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Living Wills

A Living Will is an important health care document. It allows you to clearly spell out to your family and trusted friends EXACTLY the steps you want them to take, and EXACTLY the steps you DO NOT want them to take, should you become seriously ill, critically injured, or incapacitated in any way. This document will clearly outline and represent your wishes, if you ever find yourself in a difficult position which prevents you from making rational decisions about your future, finances or health treatment.

FrickTrent, PLLC can prepare a valid and binding Living Will document package, outlining the most common health care and property decisions as per your instructions, thereby offering protection and peace of mind for you when life takes an unexpected turn.  Preparing a Living Will for your family and loved ones is one of the most valuable assets they will have from you, if they are ever faced with making difficult and often unbearable decisions on your behalf.

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