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About the Firm

FrickTrentLizzio LLC, is a Residential and Commercial Real Estate Firm with Offices in North and South Carolina.

FrickTrentLizzio professionalism and dedicated client service, combined with longstanding relationships with local and national lending institutions, realtors, builders and mortgage brokers, means you can count on FrickTrentLizzio to represent your needs. Clients include the two of the top builders in the area along with the region's most successful mortgage professionals and leading real estate companies in both North & South Carolina.

FrickTrentLizzio offers an exclusive boutique service, which covers all aspects of Real Estate law in North Carolina & South Carolina, excluding litigation.

While many firms use paralegals to close on their real estate files, FrickTrentLizzio does not. An attorney will oversee every aspect of your closing from beginning to end. FrickTrentLizzio strives to make every step as convenient as possible for you. Arrangements for early morning or evening closings are available to accommodate your personal needs.
Clients in North & South Carolina must utilize an attorney of their choice to handle real estate transactions.

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